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Complete Video Timeline:

0:00​ How to Automate your business?

1:41​ Business owner

1:48​ Freelancer

2:05​ Tools / Softwares

4:00​ How to launch your business with Giveaways?

4:30​ What are Integrations (Connections)?

5:13​ Where will Automation effective?

6:19​ Integrate 325+ Apps in Integrately

6:30​ How Automation can save you 8 hours

8:20​ Lesson 1 – 10X your business with tools ​

10:10​ Shopify, Woocommerce, ClickFunnels, Google Spreadsheet, Gmail, Facebook, Freshbook, LiveAgent, Paypal, WordPress…

10:50​ Lesson 2 – For Freelancers

11:11​ SAAS – Software As A Service

11:58​ How to Find a Client?

13:24​ Build with

15:02​ Reply io

18:11​ 170,000+ Websites using Active Campaign

19:00​ Websites Sales Revenue $2.5m, $157k+, $20k+…

19:49​ You will start getting new business ideas

21:54​ Client Research for Social Media Service etc

24:14​ How to Approach Client on Linkedin?

27:09​ Another Strategy to get Clients

28:25​ Facebook Group Strategy for the Product you want to learn

29:45​ What is Integrately and why you should create a free account?​

31:40​ How to do Automation in Integrately?

31:50​ WordPress + Facebook Automation

34:45​ Find out different Automations Ideas in Integrately

37:25​ How to do research on Integrately about different Apps.

40:00​ How to get up to Free Tasks from 500 upto 6000 in Integrately?

40:35​ [Case Study] – How to launch and grow your business with Giveaways – Integrately

50:15​ How to automate your client’s business and get paid for doing nothing ?

54:19​ Integrately vs Zapier

56:05​ 1000+ of Readymade Automations

59:35​ Q & A about Integrately

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